What Are The Rules Of Netball


As it is obvious that and this board is playing important making our health good and also maintaining our health as well so most of the people even their child likes to play with the and netball ball which is basically already famous game all over the world like buy basketball NZ which is considered to be the best indoor basketball. Although the netball ball is having national as well as international value all over the world but most of the people are in aware of the basic and it could rules for this game so here we are going to discuss about the rules upon which this game is being played all over the world:

  • The match of netball ball in four quarters and each quarter is consisting of 15 minutes so on the whole from the player time for this game is 60 minutes which is enough but most of the time the player time is being extended due to high demand of the audience because a big number of viewers and audience are being collected over there so the demanded to play it for more time so that they can enjoy the maximum of the play time and also it is being done for capture the attention and also the media coverage is really large.
  • Like all other games as basketball NZ there is a specific number of the players in each team that no one can exceed and crossed it so in each team there will be a maximum of 7 players and minimum of the five players this number cannot be changed and can be in between.
  • The rules in this game are so specific that even the position of the players are being selected and fixed so that no one can move from his place. Basically the field or the court which is being made in rectangular shape and is fenced by the ropes is being divided into three equal parts and the players are standing over there on there are specific positions so that he could play their role easily and effectively and give the other team tough time.
  • Just like basketball NZ in the netball ball if any player is being moved from his place or standing at the place where he should not be standing then he must be disqualified from the game or get offside of it.
  • One of the very interesting rule of netball ball is that you can hold the netball ball only for 3 seconds and if you happen to hold it more than three seconds then you will be disqualified from that time and also the netball ball will be pass to the other player of the opponent team.
  • One more interesting rule in this game is that if a person is holding the netball ball then he cannot take the steps more than one and half otherwise they will be disqualified from here.