The Commonly Used Types Of Ladders You Should Know About

Everybody knows how to use a ladder, there is no complicated science involved in using a ladder. All you must do is place the ladder on a flat surface and balance yourself on it. But did you know there are various types of ladders you can use to make various tasks easy for you? Well, there are few types of ladders that vary according to what purpose they must be used. Rather than getting a same old ladder you can consider what types of ladder will make your tasks easier. Let’s see what are the types of ladders available.

Ladders with a single section

Maybe you have no idea what this type of ladder is. But I’m sure your grand father has one. It has been used for over thousand years now. It is a ladder where the top has to be leaned over an object for it to balance properly. It is used for simple and ground level operations. It is very light weight hence just like light weight ladders it’s easy to carry around. But it is too long even though it only has one section. Click here for more info on light weight ladders.

Ladders with steps

This is a ladder with a fixed length. It has legs that are stable to support the ladder hence you can perform free standing applications on it. Such as fixing a bulb. Unlike other ladders this can be stored easily as it has legs that can be folded. This type of ladders come in wood and aluminium as well.

Ladders with extension function

This consists a series of single section ladders which will enable you to reach higher areas you cannot reach. There are ladders that consists of two section or three and you can purchase according to the need you require. For example fire brigades use the ladder with three extensions as they need to reach higher points. Even though when extended it is much longer, storing this is much easier.

Ladders with a telescopic function

This is the newest innovation for ladders. This is very similar to extension ladders but the slight difference is that telescopic ladders can be folded into even smaller unit. Because of this it’s very easy to store this type of ladder.

Ladder with the combination of all

A multi function ladder contains all the functions of the above discussed ladders. In this the joints can be locked too. It consists of parts of step ladders and is designed similar to extension ladders. These types of ladders are much beneficial when used as industrial ladders.Now you are aware of what type of ladder will exactly cater to your need.

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