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Life is a rollercoaster and we are indulged in constant affairs. Few of them could be dealt properly by us but on the other side we need legal advice, law, and professional assistance to deal with few others. Such matter circles around a variety of life aspects. The first and foremost action to deal with such issues is to find a proper agency that can take care of all the sensitive issues.  If you are looking for the best one, then Eugenia Mortals is the finest yet rational choice you ever made.

The Record

Eugenia Mitrakas is an international lawyer and notary located in Melbourne. She offers legal services and finest notarial practice for customers throughout the southern suburbs of Melbourne and in the CBD Melbourne. By years of dedicated legal skills, she can facilitate you to progress your business interests. We are certain that there is unique cost-effective assistance to be had after you create firm legal foundations. Through having the right direction from the beginning, you may well be capable to avoid overpriced commercial difficulties or litigation. Here the staff is skilled in Property Law, Probate, Litigation, Wills, and Powers of Attorney, Family Law, Notarial Practice, Business Advice, and Greek Law. Here the team offers efficient, affordable legal and professional services in Melbourne. Eugenia Mitrakas always focused to find the top possible solutions and the best cost-effective charges. Whether you want professional legal help or personal, we’re delighted to help.

Notary Public

A notary public is a high-ranking lawyer with the legal accountability of attesting and certifying papers intended for worldwide use.  We can suggest on the necessities for completing foreign credentials and confirm your originals.  Our legal service area extends to witnessing, attesting, certifying, and verifying your new documents. You may require our facilities when it comes to preparing, finishing, and witnessing documents. We can facilitate a range of legal performances for official purposes, counting both international government and local use. We’re also capable to certify copies of your documents for legal identification purposes.  Our charges are in connection to the balance set by the connotation of Notary. 

Accessible Conveniences

Their services range from public Nitrate to family law, Greek and property law, litigation, wills, property, and all the power of attorney matters. We are delighted to inform you about commercial and small business suggestions. Because here are the skilled professionals who dig into the matters deliberately. Our services include Apostille in Albert Park, certifying, and arresting all the documents that would be used for overseas use.  Administration of oaths for all the international use, preparing affidavits, declarations, and official documents exemplification. From carrying copy documents, posting, and noting bills for the exchange to assisting and providing a certificate to Australian law and for practicing legally all over the globe.

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