Difference Between Robustel R3000 And Robustel R2000!

As we have discussed about an industrial modems IOT and why robustel r3000 is recommended which is all about routers and the major routers are robustel r3000 and robustel r2000 and how we can develop a stronger IOT and how we can participate in increasing an IOT. Now a days things are coming on our palms day by day we can noticed that almost every of the things are in under control on just a click away. Like now you can control over your CCTV cameras and you can monitor it on your mobile phone screens even you can rotate it, turn on and off or focus somewhere on someone and can check the previous records even get a notification when there is any unusual activity perform and a lot more, similarly you can control over your home appliances like you can turn on and off your tele vision and see what your family is watching now, if your children is watching any adult content so you can change it over and shows up a message that you are not allowed to watch this channel etc. etc. 

In an addition, similarly you can turn on and off your air conditioner, heather, water motor, refrigerator, washing machine, geezer, fans and lights or lamps, switch boards sockets and all other appliances to not only turn off or on but also you can managed it as you want like set a timer for saving an energy and what to do on any condition put or set custom conditions, in short your life become more easy and almost every of the thing is now under your control.  Have you think ever that how is that all possible? So this all comes in as IOT (Internet of things) which means that any device which can connects with an internet can be controlled from any of the where in a smarter way as you like or want and required. Now the question is how we can connect our all devices and appliances with an internet so here comes an industrial modems IOT which helps and enables you to do so. 

Moreover, in short, you can keep tracked your every of the thing. Well, let us discuss more about robustel r3000 and robustel r2000 also check out the difference between robustel r3000 and robustel r2000. So both of them are routers, roboustel r3000 is very easy to be get installed it is as easy as plug and play, you do not have to do any things while robustel r2000 has to be programmed as you wanted it to be used. The roubustel r2000 does not have the facility for universal serial buses (USB) while robustel r3000 has the functionality for Universal serial buses (USB) for installing further features or storing long logs and doing what else you wanted them with USB connectivity like for an example you can enhance the connectivity by plugging USB enabled internet. 

So there is not much big difference in between robustel r2000 and robustel r3000 but still it depends upon your usage and the features youwanted. For more and details differences or for further information on robustel r2000 and robustel r3000 you can visit Robustel ANZ (Australia and New Zealand)official website at www.robustelanz.com which is the most renowned and recommended provider for an industrial modems IOT, robustel r3000, robustel r200 and all other related products. You can also order one online which you like the most and which matches or fits exactly what you wanted. They deal with both an individual and commercial usage. best-modems

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